Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Morning Cup of Tea

Something that I just can't live without is a morning cup of tea. Whether hot or cold it is one of the best parts of my morning. A great way to start the day off with a great energy, don't get me wrong I love coffee but because of the somewhat not so great things that coffee does to your body. I try to keep it for special treats! I've found that just like coffee is an acquired taste so is tea, learn to enjoy it and you will soon have a much healthier option. That still meets the comfort need that we so often look to coffee for!

 Some of my favorite teas are green, peach, mango & passion fruit, pomegranate, chai and oolong tea. I know we have all heard the great benefits of drinking green tea so I'm not going to tell you that again but I have really notice an improvement in my skin when I drink it on a regular bases. As far as all the fruit teas I love the flavor and its a great way to stay hydrated if you like a little extra health benefit I sometimes add like a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to it and a little stevia extract. Chai is just amazing, this is probably my favorite tea of the moment. Finally, is oolong which is a tea you may not have heard of, to be honest its like of new to me as well. It is a Chinese tea that has many of the same benefits as green tea, contains about 1/4 of the caffeine as a cup of coffee (natural energy boost) and burns about 67 calories a cup (just an added bonus). So really enjoy your morning cup of tea and let me know what your favorite tea is in the comments. I'm always looking for new teas! 

Have a great day and a cup of tea

Thanks for reading

Monday, May 19, 2014

Morning Run

There is nothing like crawling out of bed at who knows when, get up put your smelly running clothes on, lacing up your shoes and trekking off into the chilly morning air! Sound like fun. Call me crazy but that is what I look forward every Monday morning. Why? Not because it always feels great, a lot of the time it doesn't but because I know that it is good for me! It boost my mood, gives me energy and helps me become the best version of myself!
Running might not be for you, but I do believe that our bodies were design and created for motion, to be in motion and when we just sit around and do nothing we have problems! Your body won't work the way it should if its not treated the way it should! I saw a great quote which really inspired me.
" Be wise how you spend you time because you are paying with a day in your life."  
I think this is really important to remember when you are making excuses like "I'll start tomorrow..." and tomorrow really means next week or next month or never. Now! Live now, in the moment and use the time you have because your never getting it back!
Glowing Skin Green Smoothie #Recipe
Start today to build the future of your dreams, yes it will be hard, your not always going to feel like doing it but it will absolutely be worth it!

Friday, May 16, 2014

It's a Lifestyle

Hello, everyone! Hope you all are doing amazing. Today I wanted to share with you one of the most powerful things I've learned about staying on track with your healthy lifestyle. As well as building the a satiable lifestyle of health and happiness.
 It is so important to look at the big picture and ask whether this is a lifestyle you will keep? enjoy? and want to share with others? I honestly don't believe that there is just one perfect diet for everyone because we are each so different with different bodies, needs and preferences it is so important realize that you are unique and that's a good thing! Don't expect to be just like everyone else, I think the first step to being healthy is accepting yourself for who you are. When you can embrace and enjoy yourself then you will be to work on changing for the good.
  Finding a balance in life is so hard and takes time the same goes for healthy habits. It will take time to find what works for you whether its exercise or eating. I think the best way to find that balance is to know what you putting inside your body and be in tune to the way it responds. After you eating you shouldn't feel bloated, sluggish or tired. Food is energy! Listen to your body and adjust the way you eat to fuel your body and mind! After all that is the purpose of food.
Finally, remember lifestyle changes take time. Take baby step, stay focused and you will get there!
Thanks so much for reading I hope you found this helpful!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Copy Cat Recipe: Starbucks Neapolitan Frap

 I was so excited when I saw this drink on the Starbucks secret Menu but not so excited when I saw what they put in it. As with all there amazingly delicious fraps its full of milk, sugar and more sugar which makes it taste really good but not good for you! So I set out to create my own version with healthy, beneficial ingredients that will nourish your body not wreck it! Here my recipe which I must say is addictive so be careful!
Starbucks Secret Menu!!! Crunch Berries & Neopolitan
Neapolitan Frap the Healthy Way
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup water
1T coco power
dash of vanilla and sweetener to taste
blend this really well, then add
10 frozen strawberries blend that well and add
1/2 -1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder
1/2-1 cup water, I recommend starting with a 1/2 cup and adding if you need more! Blend until it starts to turn whitish and then blend for 30 more seconds. This will make about a quart of Neapolitan awesomeness, its really good for you so feel free to enjoy the whole thing!
I'm totally obsessed with this recipe and I've been making all the time so I hope you enjoy it as much as do! Thanks to Starbucks for the inspiration.  If you would like me to create healthy recipes for any other Starbucks drinks let me know in the comments!

No Time to Workout...workout ideas!

Life gets crazy and we get busy and sometimes workouts just don't seem to happen! Here are some tips and ideas to make time for working out and get it to happen!
1.) Probably my biggest tip is to decide what is really important to you, if you really want it you will work for it!
2.) Do it in the morning! Don't give yourself time to think about.
Basically my life
3.) Make a plan and keep it simple even if you just have a short yoga routine you can do before bed or just a quick run know what you can do and commit to it.
4.) To not get overwhelmed focus on one body part each day. e.i. Monday: Abs, Tuesday: Arms, Wednesday: Legs, Thursday: Butt and Friday: Random.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Healthy, Rich Chocolate Muffin

Happy Mothers Day everyone! In honor of my amazing mother I'm post this amazing really decadent chocolate muffin but of course its healthy, packed with healthy fats, protein and well it tastes amazing. This is my moms favorite muffin and its not hard to see why it basically tastes like your eating really moist chocolate cake for breakfast, who doesn't love that?
Chocolate muffins with cherries
This recipe is not mine, I got it from Trim Healthy Mama. They call it a muffin in a mug which is a perfect size for one person. It makes one large muffin which may seem a small amount to some people but it really fills you up.
Mommies Chocolate Muffin
beat one egg in a small bowl then add 1 1/2 T of coconut or almond flour and 1 1/2 T flax flour, 1 T heaping of coco power, 1 t of baking powder, 1 T of Truvia, a dash of vanilla, mix really well then add a T of coconut oil or butter! Bake at 400 F for 8-10 minutes or 1 minute in the microwave.
Hope you try this amazing recipe it makes a really delicious breakfast you could top it with creamy Greek yogurt or fresh berries. Or if your in a really decadent mood you might like a little peanut butter!
Have a beautiful day, I hope you spend it with someone special!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Eating Healthy on a Budget

This is probably one of the hardest things to overcome when choosing a healthy lifestyle. It is very sad that something this simple can prevent people from gaining health but healthy food usually costs quit a bit more than processed junk food. So here are some tips to save big on healthy foods and improve your diet overall! If you find this helpful don't forget to share and follow for more posts like it.
how to make the most of your weekend trips to the farmer's market {love this}
Choose your battles
Decide what is important to you for each person its different. For example you might want to buy everything fresh and organic but not all of us are able to pay for organic so look at which produce have the most pesticides and buy that organic and wash the rest really well.
Shop in Season
This is not only better for your body which was designed to eat what is growing in this season but also it tends to be less expensive. Farmer's Markets are a great place to find what's season and depending on the market you can get some great deals.
Do it yourself. If you don't know how to cook not is the time to start get simple, clean and healthy recipes and make them. I like to do food prep by making one large meal and divide it up into the right portion size then its ready to go. You will eat lot a of the same thing but it saves time and money!
I hope you got some ideas on how to save on healthy foods! But I must say that when I do invest more money in healthy foods I don't look at it as wasted it about investing in your body, health and well being. My mom always called are form of health insurance!