Monday, January 20, 2014

A Year of Running: My Story

    My love for running all start about a year ago (Jan 1, 2013) at a 5k/10k run that I was helping with called Resolve2Run ( here is a link if you are interested I had always thought of running as cruel and usual punishment people put themselves through if they wanted to lose weight or be active and I never thought that I sounded that great I mean, really running a couple miles that doesn't sound that fun. Little did I know that my whole perspective was about to change!

   That morning I saw something about running that I had never seen before and its hard to put my finger on but I think the best way to describe it would be that my perspective and the way I thought about running really change from "I would never put my body through that torture" to "I can see that there is so much more to running than the pain". From that moment I wanted to run and believe me when I mean want too, I really wanted to. I guest in some ways running is an addiction but lets face it's a really great thing to be addiction much better than food( I still love to eat). Once my mind changed the battle had already been one because running really is 100% mental.

  I started running end of January and I would only be able to run a few minutes before I was out of breath and then walk and run over and over again. I ran three times a week and sometimes on weekends and never on the treadmill. I really, really hated the treadmill (what can I say I got bored) but this kind of running was different I went places and each time I could go further. So, one of the best days of 2013 for me was August 3rd. The day I ran my first  5k "The Color Run" that's it I'm totally addicted! There is nothing like the feeling you get when I you cross the finish line. My first 5k was not the fastest but I tried my hardest and that made me feel amazing.

 I can honestly say that running this year has been one of the best decisions I've ever made whether it was a mile or four it was a run and I Just did it! It didn't always fell great but I never regretted a run.
If you are considering running start now and don't stop you will never look back and say I wish a didn't start running but you probably will look back and I wish I had. It not only changes your body It changes your mind. I so thankful to have had an amazing running partner who even if I didn't feel like it that day she still got me to go. I have started running and I'm not stopping anytime soon!
 If you want more post on my running experiences from blisters to sprained ankles to crossing the finish line just comment below and follow this blog!

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