Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ballet Beautiful

 I love trying new workouts! I think its fun to change things up like I said before running has really kept me grounded no matter what I do I run at least 3 times a week and that really help to keep a healthy metabolism. But a few months ago a friend of mind recommend I try Ballet Beautiful so I pick up Mary Helen Bowers book Ballet Beautiful as soon as I start I was intrigued by her amazing journey, her positive out look on life and all her very challenging ballet based exercise. 

   Basically, she was a professional ballerina who now has started her own business of at home exercise and really knows her stuff. I was very inspired by her story but that was nothing when I got her dvd's she had me absolutely dying but Mary Helen does it in a way that you just can't stop! She always has a smile and a really positive attitude that is completely infectious as well as really effective exercise. By the way Mary Helen trains Victoria Secret Angles believe me it works.
   I highly recommend Mary Helen and her amazing Ballet Beautiful workouts they are some of the best.

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