Monday, May 19, 2014

Morning Run

There is nothing like crawling out of bed at who knows when, get up put your smelly running clothes on, lacing up your shoes and trekking off into the chilly morning air! Sound like fun. Call me crazy but that is what I look forward every Monday morning. Why? Not because it always feels great, a lot of the time it doesn't but because I know that it is good for me! It boost my mood, gives me energy and helps me become the best version of myself!
Running might not be for you, but I do believe that our bodies were design and created for motion, to be in motion and when we just sit around and do nothing we have problems! Your body won't work the way it should if its not treated the way it should! I saw a great quote which really inspired me.
" Be wise how you spend you time because you are paying with a day in your life."  
I think this is really important to remember when you are making excuses like "I'll start tomorrow..." and tomorrow really means next week or next month or never. Now! Live now, in the moment and use the time you have because your never getting it back!
Glowing Skin Green Smoothie #Recipe
Start today to build the future of your dreams, yes it will be hard, your not always going to feel like doing it but it will absolutely be worth it!

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