Monday, April 14, 2014

Living a Beautiful Life

The inspiration for this post actually came from Annie Jaffrey who is a beauty, fashion and healthy lifestyle blogger. Defiantly check her stuff she is amazing! She has really inspired me through the years and her positive attitude is something that i really admire and strive for! Anyway she did a post a while ago on living a beautiful life basically how to stay positive, motivated and make a difference. I believe in life we all get caught up and the day to day stuff and sometimes forget what is really important and how blessed we really are! So here is what I do to Live a Beautiful Life!
  Gratitude is probably one of the most life changing attitudes you can have. Being grateful is realizing not only that you are blessed but that you didn't do anything to deserve what you have. Stop and think about 5 things your really grateful for and then write them down. Take time to really appreciate what you have. Focusing I what you have instead of what you don't will make you a lot happier person!
acai bowl
Exercise, for me this is running! Its a time early in the morning when I can just go out and clear my mind and enjoy nature! And it's good for my body. Out bodies are designed to move and be active and It feels really good when they are.
Positive people or a positive place. Sometimes we don't have the choice of who the people around us are but we always have the choice to listen and believe what they are telling us. It is so important to have positive influences in your life. I love listening to happy, upbeat music or going outside. Its a way you can block out the negative things.
I hope you found this helpful and if you want to see more post like this just let me know in the comments! Don't forget to follow this blog!
Have a beautiful day. 

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