Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Building a Healthy Routine

   For me one of the most important things is routine, it helps me be productive, stay focused and get things done. I gotta say I'm a bit OCD when it comes to organizing time and well anything really.  I have running days and rest days, times when I eat meals and snacks, when I get dressed and go to bed, my life is very routine and on schedule and if its not on the schedule it probably won't get done!
   For some people though schedules, organizing and routine don't come naturally and to be perfectly honest they didn't always for me. I had a build these things into my life because I realized that to be productive I would have to make conscious choices about how I spent my time.
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   Each person is very different and you have unique things to work around but I believe that we all can build a healthy order in our lives to make us the best verison of ourselves. So here are some tips and ideas that I have found helpful, that any one can use and build into their everyday lives.
1.) Wake up Time. If I know that I'm starting my day at a certain time it really helps me start my day off to a very routine start. Don't hit the snooze it only makes you more tired. Get up and get going with your day.
2.) To Do List. I don't always have a to-do list but if I have a busy week or day like a special event or places I don't normally go I always make a list of things to do before, to bring and anything I have to take home!
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3.) Eating on a clock. This is so important for routine and your body will quickly adjust and soon thank you. Your body wants fuel( i.e. food ) on a regular bases and with busy lives we often forget to eat until starving and then make really bad choices. For example sack here is my eating schedule which I stick pretty closely too. I get up around 7 a.m. and take time to stretch and wake up my body, then I make some sort of detoxify beverage that includes apple cider vinegar or lemon or both, this just get the metabolism working, then if its a running day I will go run, when I get home I have breakfast somewhere around 7:30, mid morning cup of tea usually green, lunch at noon, afternoon snack at 3pm and dinner around 6pm. I rarely eat after six, instead I have my sweets usually fruit earlier in the day so my body can burn off the calories!
4.) Bedtime. I try to get to bed between 10 and 11 pm so I get a good 9 hours of sleep. This gives you energy for the next day.
5.) at the end of the day I like to take time to reflex, be grateful and stretch this just helps me unwind and its a great time to just relax a little.
I hope you found this helpful and maybe use some of these tips. Let me know how you keep your self organized?

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