Friday, March 28, 2014

How to burn Calories without Trying

Here are some habits you should adopt to burn extra calories without really trying. Remember this is not going to get it done like going to the gym or a long run but its a great way to burn some extra calories.
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Chewing Gum
Make sure that the gum is low calories and sugar-free, I personally love Trident Gum! Yummy, Its also a great to feed your sweet tooth for like 5 calories.

Just Dance
 Turn up the music and just dance around, its fun and you can burn up to 400 calories an hour. Now that a workout.

Ice Water
Order your water with ice it boost your metabolism because it brings the temperature of your body down and then your body burns more calories to heat back up again.

Be Cool
Like i said when you lower your body temperature your body will burn more calories trying to heat back up so keep your room at a cooler temperature especially when your sleeping. Burn calories and you don't even realize it.

Green Tea
Green tea has so many benefits but a big one is that it boost your metabolism, it is also great for your skin and is very hydrating.

A Cup of Coffee
I'm defiantly excited about this one! The caffeine in coffee boost your metabolism thus burning more calories, I knew there was a good reason to drink coffee. Some studies have also found it to prevent cancer. Of course its best to have black and i personally have really come to enjoy a good cup of black coffee. Very relaxing!

These are great habits to build to have maximum calorie burn without really trying. All your little choices add up whether they are good or bad, so make them for the better.
Start doIng!

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