Monday, March 17, 2014

Sprind into Fitness: Beat the Wheat

 See what I did there "Beat the Wheat" like "Beat the Heat" but with wheat (well, I thought is was clever) I love thinking of interesting titles. I don't know about you but I think of spring as a kind of cleanse, your cleaning your home, organizing stuff, maybe even getting rid of things, and now is the perfect time to do the same thing with your diet.

  I have almost completely eliminated wheat from my diet for about two months now and the results were so big I just had to share them with you. Now before I go on this is not to see that I am not consuming carbs I still make sure to include healthy, nutrient dense carbs such as fruit, beans, quinoa and sometime a little rice, I also really love oats and use oat flour quite a bit. I believe in a well balanced diet and really try to fully include all the food groups.
  Basically, I was very skeptical about excluding anything from my diet and I thought that if it was whole wheat, whole grain or whole whatever it must be healthy and good for you. Recently though I was learning about the huge effects wheat and gluten can have on your skin, body and energy levels. The facts really hit home for me, I was eating pretty healthy, working out and trying to take care of my body but still experiencing low energy levels and breakouts. So I decided to try taking wheat and most gluten( I still eat oats which includes a very small amount of gluten) out of my diet.

  Wow, I never expected that I would have clear, glowing skin, energy like I haven't had in years and over all just feel amazing. I kind of think now that I am slightly allergic to gluten and just didn't realize it. Now at one time I thought that there was no way I could stop eating wheat and gluten, I love pasta, bread and everything else, but I found some great staple recipes and really after you take it out for a while you stop craving it. If you would like me to post some of my favorite wheat and gluten free recipes just comment below and I will be sure to do that.
  I hope this was helpful, I would say just try it. It may not be for everyone but its worth a try! Have a great day and don't forget to follow this blog for more healthy lifestyle posts!

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