Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring into Fitness: Improving

  One of my biggest goals in this blog is to provide good, reliable and free health, nutrition and fitness information, tips and ideas for everyone. Why? because I have first hand seen what a healthy lifestyle can do for someone. I believe so passionately that if we can change the way we eat and exercise, we can change our whole body to be stronger, healthier, feel better and more energized and ultimately enjoy life more.

  Part of this is gaining knowledge and part is applying knowledge to a healthy everyday lifestyle. We all have a choice to make our life really count but it is our choice. One of my desires is to always improve my eating its not realistic to go from McDonalds to a salad but where ever we are in our eating we can make improvements. This usually come in small steps. When I look back at how I use to eat I wonder how I had any energy at all. But I took small steps to get where I am and I'm not perfect still learning more and always trying to implement what I learn. I believe this is very important to actual growth is to learn and APPLY.

  Improve takes time so don't get discourage if your going in the right direction that what I really important, Rome wasn't built in a Day. And you will not change into the healthiest, happiest person in a day either. Results come with time. Change come with time. "All good things don't always come to those who wait, but they also come to those you go out there and work for it". Keep up the good work it is so worth everything you put in.
  Have a Beautiful Day and always stay fit girl!  

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