Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Training to be Awesome

Ok, the title might be a bit, but really training. Where do I start? What is the most effective way? Lately I've been doing a little more cross-training to help with running. So, here are a few tips, idea's and exercises I have really been loving.
  The basics, its important that you know how to do a few basic exercises and then you can build off that.
  Two of my favorite exercise both full body are squats of course and lungs. They do mainly focus on the legs and butt but really done in the right form are incredible full body toners. Squats are one of the highest calorie burning exercise. So drop it like a squat! Never let your knees go over your toes and keep your back flat.
  I love the basic traditional exercise and mixing them up a little they work great and bring really fast results. Crunches, learn to love them! They really work. If you want more exercise posts just comment below.

  So for the tips, music is my favorite and only way to workout. I absolutely have to have a good up beat playlist to workout. Its a really good way to keep motivated. Find the songs you really like, that will really get you pumped up and keep you working out. Don't forget to stay hydrated you should drink half your body weight in ounces and 1 more ounce for every half an hour you workout. That's a lot of water but did you know that over 70% of America is chronically dehydrated that can keep you from losing weight, having energy and clear skin. Basically, its worth drinking water, add some lemons or strawberries for flavor.
  I also love whey protein in my smoothies with berries and almond milk. Its a great recovery, you should always have protein within 20 minutes of working out to prevent muscle tissue break down.
  I like to train for about an hour sometimes a little more at least 3-4 times a week. Follow this blog for more workouts, exercise and health tips and I will be posting soon on weight training so keep your eyes open for that.
   Stay fit and healthy girl!

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