Friday, February 28, 2014

Just do it: 10 Days of Health

The last day of this series of "10 Days of Health" I wanted to some everything up and refocus on what is truly important. Basic learning more about your health and fitness is a wonderful, amazing and can be very productive journey but it really does benefit you until you put it into practice. Like the great quote I absolutely love " Action speak louder than words". True, not only in life but if you just read about running and never put your shoes on and get out there its not going to do anything for you. Its not going to build muscle, clear your mind and burn fat. Healthy isn't just learning though that is very important practice is where your going to see results!
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So what are you going to be strong, determined and faithful. Healthy is a daily choice, are you going to make it? Its a lifestyle you will never regret but it is not easy, or always fun, or popular! But it will make you who you are? Who are you going to be?

  I love doing this series and if you want to see more comment down below and let me know. Follow this blog for healthy lifestyle, tips, workouts and recipes! Have an amazing, beautiful and very happy day! Enjoy Life and smile!

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