Friday, February 28, 2014

Running : 10 Days of Health

Today I thought that I would touch a little more on the workout/fitness side of thing. Let me just say I love working out in general whether it be heavy weight, HIIT or Pilates I'm so into it. But there is one workout that I just cannot live without and always go back to and that is running. I think is probably because I find it so calming, relaxing and really helps me focus and get things done in my day! There is just something about running and I can't really put on finger on it. Besides the point I thought I would share some tips on running to get you going.
Nike Running shoes... Pastel
   First let just say that it is one of the highest calorie burning exercises so it is a great way to get the job done if you don't have a lot of time!
   1. Best running advice that I ever got was "Just start".
   2. Get support. Find friends who run and talk to them about what they are learning and get share. It really help you stay motivated and better yet get a running buddy!
   3. Good shoe goes a long way.
   4. You are what you eat, don't be fast, cheap or fake. This makes a huge difference in your ability to go further, fast and you will be healthier.
   5. Cross training is really beneficial, try lunges, squats and heavy weights.
  Basically running is addictive. Just start, you will get there. Everything worth while takes time, energy and dedication, you are worth while!

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