Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Talk about it Tuesday: Coconut Oil

Talk about it Tuesday is when I talk about different health trends and topics! To keep you informed, but keep in mind this is it what I have either learned and believe to be true or personal experience!

     Today's is coconut oil, it has been around for thousands of year but all of the sudden everyone is talking about. I personally love coconut oil and use it a lot instead of butter when I cook but there are few thing you should know about coconut oil before you use it. 
    "It's so healthy", not 100% true. I was talking to one of my friends who is a nutritionist
, doing my research and she told me few things about coconut oil you might want to know before you start pouring it on. First coconut oil is a saturated fat and yes it acts like one. That means to much can be a bad thing for your heart. So her advice was to enjoy it as a healthy fat but don't go over bored the same things goes for palm oil. See it is a healthy fat but still a fat and you really want to be careful here. Everything in moderation.
   But coconut oil is not just for the kitchen it is an amazing conditioner which I love using in my hair adds shine, but don't use to much. It can get oily. I love using it on my body as a moisturizer, it leaves my skin oh so soft.
   Here one of my favorite ways to use coconut oil!


    Like I said before I love cooking with it but I also use olive oil and butter. All healthy fats and it brings balance to your diet! Stay fit girl.
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