Saturday, February 1, 2014

Motivation with Music

Turn it up! Nothing gets me moving like an upbeat party! But I also found that some of my favorite songs have great beats which are really good to do squats, lungs, jumping jacks, ect. to. Because when you workout it's really good to have a solid beat and base your reps off that.

 Headphones in, by the way I just wear headphones so I'm not too annoying to my family, it probably a good idea! But really back to business even if your just dancing your burning calories so get movin to the music. Try to pick some of your favs that will get you motivated if your looking for some ideas there are some great lists on Pinterest that I have really enjoy!

Try this workout five song workout!
Squat for one song
lungs for one song
crunches for one song
jumping jacks for one song
leg lifts for one song
This is approximately a 20 minute workout not that long but you will get your heart rate up, your metabolism reveing . 
  Stay fit girl!

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