Saturday, February 15, 2014

Becoming Strong: Tips for Runner's

I have been running for over a year and I have learned a lot, make a lot of mistake and had a lot of fun. So here are some of my tips on becoming a runner!
  1.) start running that what makes a runner. Basically, you have to run, its simple, sometimes difficult and always worth it.
  2.) staying motivated is really hard sometime. But strong is not just physical, it very mental. I mean really mental, I truly believe that I would not be running today if it were not for my running partner and all the other runner in my little world of running. Support is vital to stay motivated and keep you accountable. Favorite quote here
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 3.) Getting the right gear. First off I must say that I have run in yoga pants, a Disney tee and a cookie monster sweatshirt, hey what can I say I was comfortable and it worked. But are two things you can not run without. Good shoes and good socks. If you have these you can run in anything your little hear desires! I heard from a running shoe fitter person( you know the kind that work at those awesome store that just sell running things) that you should at least spend $100.00 on a pair of running shoes but you can often get great deals just shop the sales and you can get them for much cheaper but still the quality and don't freak out if the sock cost $25.00( I always ask for running socks for Christmas and birthdays, what can I say i'm a runner.
  If you want to get more running tip and advice follow this blog and leave a comment and let me know!

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