Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentines: Healthy Chocolate Recipe

It Valentines Day and that's special people, love and chocolate, right! But you been working out eating right and you really don't want to ruin it and you don't have too.
Because here a healthy, skinny and did say yummy chocolate recipe! I love chocolate especially dark, rich peanut cups or chewy cranberry bites or maybe go a little nutty! 


 I've already done a post on the skinny chocolate recipe step by step you can see it here. But let go a little crazy! 

Peanut Butter Cups: 
 Oh my goodness! These are the best and you will not believe that they are actually good for you! It's full of healthy fats and will not spike your blood sugars! Add about 2tsp. Organic peanut butter. 
Crazy over Cranberries:
Cranberries are really great, full of flavor! I like adding dried cranberries for chewyness and a pop of flavor. 
I'm going Nuts over you: 
 Nuts are a great sorce of protien! Toss in a few of your favorites! 
Coconut Cuties: 
Add a little tropical flavor to the mix these are one of my favs! Add some coconut flake check that they aren't sweeten. Yumminess. 
  Enjoy and have an amazing Valentines!!!

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