Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Be Happy: 10 Day of Health

 Ok, so this post is going to be a little different, part of being healthy is being happy. So here are something that make me happy or I do to be happy. I think its important to realize that we control how we choose to look at life and what we choose to do about it. Having a positive attitude, exercising or just smiling they are all chooses we make to be healthy, happy and just live.

   Exercise this is such a given but I absolutely had to include it. If don't exercise I'm  not a happy person.
Dance. I just dance around to music with my headphones in, probally look crazy but i'm happy.
Cooking. this could be dangerous but I try to cook healthy food. It works!
Finally, I like to be grateful at the end of the day I just like to reflect and look at all the amazing thing that happen.
So smile, dance and live. Life is short, you can either have fun and enjoy it or not, but you don't get do overs!

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