Sunday, February 23, 2014

Satisfaction is Substitution : 10 Days of Health

   Ok, I talk about motivation a lot. probably because its so hard to stay motivated and I thought this would be a great time to remind you all since your half way through the 10 days to a healthier, happier you that it all worth it. Its no secret that you don't always feel like working out and eating right. It not depriving yourself if your filling your body with nourishes foods but you sometimes feel that way and it hard besides you want this to be a lasting lifestyle not just a fad or quick fix!
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   My point, the key to staying healthy and fit as a lifestyle is depriving yourself. The to satisfaction is substitution! I still eat brownies for breakfast, peanut butter cup for lunch and pizza for dinner. But I don't just eat any brownies or chocolate or pizza. I eat healthy recipes that do fill my body with nutrients and keep me full and energized.
  The only reason you eat what you do because that is easy, convent or you don't know what else to eat. It doesn't have to be hard, just fill your fridge and with healthy food, arm yourself with some good staple, healthy recipes and start today. You are in control of what you put in your body don't make it cheap, fast or fake, you are worth so much more! Invest in your body, healthy and future today.

    Commit to be fit and healthy today! Follow this blog for healthy recipes, workouts and motivation!

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