Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Heart Working Out

Valentines is almost here and I'm in the mood to eat chocolate and wear PINK. Valentines has always been a special holiday for me even though I have never had a significant other. I however have always had special people( my family ) which I always enjoy spending valentines with. But this is just a quick I heart working out workout if you got that your amazing. To share your body a little love and get in shape for Valentines. So put on some pink and check back on the 13th for a healthy chocolate recipes and lets workout.

   These moves are made to get fast results so stick with me!
I Heart my Abs
50 reverse crunches
50 leg lifts
30 second plank
I Heart my Legs
50 jumping lungs
50 squats
1 minute hold squat
I Heart my Arms
20 pushups
30 bicep curls with 5-10 pound weights
30 second plank
For a full workout do 2-3 reps. Follow for more works and to be notified when I post new recipes health tips and workouts. Lots of healthy recipes and fitness tips to come!

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