Saturday, February 22, 2014

Feeding your Body: 10 Day Challenge

This post is more about nutrition as a mindset not a diet. This is how you build lasting change in the way you eat and gain a full, rewarding lifestyle. There are many ways of look at nutrition, diet and overall health. I hear all the time if I say that I want a salad or not going to eat a ton of French fries " oh are you trying to lose weight". The answer to good nutrition is not always weight though it often leads to have a healthy weight but eating healthy is so much more. It start with your mindset, it start with you!

   A healthy lifestyle is about filling your body with the nutrients that it to live, breath and function how it was designed too. Its not a fad or a trend, its a choice to live your best life. To commit to be the best version of yourself by filling your body with healthy, fresh food.
   Each time I eat a meal I look at three things. First, my base vegetable 1/2-2/3 of my meal it veggies. Either I have a salad with stuff on top or a small "main dish" and salad or other veggies. Second, protein! Every meal has to contain healthy, lean protein. This can be anything from chicken or Greek yogurt. Third, healthy fat or carbs. This is a either or if you have healthy fat skip the carbs for that meal if you have some healthy carb don't have much fat. Its about a balance!
   So next time you eat look for nutrition no calories. Ask "what about this meal is going to benefit my body?"
   Health begin with a choice, a choice to invest in you! Stay fit girl.

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