Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring into Fitness: Stress Less

 Stress is something that really effects our bodies. It makes the us retain unwanted weight, adds to depression and over makes you feel bad. When you are stress you are not usually able to give and love yourself or others around you. Some stress we can control, some we can't but we can always control the way we respond in a stressful time. Stress has all sorts of bad effects on you and your body.

  When trying to reduce stress in your life its important to think about were is it coming from(people, jobs or whatever). Sometimes you can easy remove stress such as listen to bad news, you can just turn it off, but other times its harder to control it like a job, that is when you have to look at yourself and your response it may not be your fault but you might be adding to the stress by your negative thoughts, words or actions, its important to be honest about this can you do anything to prevent or take away from the stress.
  There are things in life we just can not control but one thing we can is our own space for me this is my bedroom. This is my place that I can go and just relax after a long and sometimes stressful or just plain busy day. I try to keep this space clean, comfortable and relaxed. Full of healthy motivation(I love motivation and inspiring quotes), things I love and enjoy( good music, books, flowers), good smells (candles, scents, perfume, etc.) basically I try to make this space as pleasant as possible that way I don't have to think about anything negative when I'm there! I try to have a space like this in your home, somewhere you can just sit or lay down and relax.

  Hope you all have an amazing, beautiful and really happy day! Remember, you health is more than just good nutrition and exercise (even though these are extremely important) its also about taking care of yourself mentally and spiritually as well. If you take steps to make your life more stress free, happier you will notice a huge difference in your over all health and well being.

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